Balun's Wish - Pivot Point Research Group

  • March 28, 2017

Liza pic

Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives Program Coordinator


Meet five-year-old Balun. He lives in Hong Kong and is suffering from end-stage renal failure. One of Balun’s favorite things to do, is have his parents tell him stories of superheros. The Make-A-Wish team in Hong Kong was able to plan a day for Balun that included meeting his most esteemed superhero and going on a special mission. Balun got to dress up in a superhero costume, catch all of the “bad guys”, recapture the magic, and save the earth! He got to be a real superhero!

For one day, Balun was given the chance to escape the world of sickness, and become the superhero that he dreamed of being. Many people came together to play the parts of different characters and act out battle scenes involved with the mission. Balun experienced so much happiness and pride that day, as did his family.

The Make-A-Wish® International Foundation helps to make the wishes of children with incurable illnesses come true, all over the world.

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