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Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives-Make-A-Wish® Program Coordinator


No matter how big or small you may be, old or young, everyone has a dream. Carter, a seven year old from Australia, has a strong passion for all things prehistoric. He dreams of one day becoming an archaeologist and researching dinosaurs. Carter is battling Burkitt lymphoma, and when the Australian Make-A-Wish team visited Carter, he wished for a dinosaur adventure.


Carter and his family got to experience the trip of a lifetime when they traveled to rural North Queensland to Australia’s world heritage-listed Dinosaur Trail. Carter was given his own paleontologist outfit to wear and got to dig for ancient bones and assemble his very own miniature skeleton of a T-Rex. Carter was given the incredible opportunity to experience what the world of archaeologists and dinosaur discoveries is really like.

This is just one of many Make-A-Wish stories from all over the world. By working with Pivotal Perspectives, you are helping to make the wishes of children with life-threatening diseases become a reality. When you complete a survey, a donation is made to the International Make-A-Wish Foundation® .

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