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Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives-Make-A-Wish® Program Coordinator


Meet Matthieu, a 6 year old who livse in Calvados. The Make-A-Wish program in France made Matthieu’s wish come true by giving him the gift of his very own dog, a Labrador retriever named Lotus. When the Make-A-Wish team arrived with the new puppy,  Matthieu was very surprised! He hugged the little dog at great length and couldn’t believe that he finally had the dog he always wanted.

Along with the dog, Matthieu was given all of the things necessary to take care of a it properly. His father even built a dog house for the new family member! There is no doubt that Lotus will be well-loved by Matthieu and his family. Lotus will also be a tremendous comfort to Matthieu as he continues his treatment.

Pivot Point Research is dedicated to helping children all over the world like Matthieu to realize their wishes through the Make-A-Wish-International-Foundation® . Each time you complete a survey, a donation is made to this life-changing organization.

To learn more about Matthieu’s story, click here: Matthieu’s Wish