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When you participate in our Pivotal Perspectives program we make donations to Make A Wish International with funds going to your local Make A Wish chapter dedicated to helping kids in need get a wish granted to help them and their families cope with their medical challenges.

We are currently seeking perspectives of cloud platform channel partners.  If that describes your role please click the green button on this page and as a thank you for your time for participating we will make a $50 donation to Make A Wish.


Carter’s Wish to Discover Dinosaurs

By Developer Research, Technology

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Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives-Make-A-Wish® Program Coordinator

No matter how big or small you may be, old or young, everyone has a dream. Carter, a seven year old from Australia, has a strong passion for all things prehistoric. He dreams of one day becoming an archaeologist and researching dinosaurs. Carter is battling Burkitt lymphoma, and when the Australian Make-A-Wish team visited Carter, he wished for a dinosaur adventure.


Carter and his family got to experience the trip of a lifetime when they traveled to rural North Queensland to Australia’s world heritage-listed Dinosaur Trail. Carter was given his own paleontologist outfit to wear and got to dig for ancient bones and assemble his very own miniature skeleton of a T-Rex. Carter was given the incredible opportunity to experience what the world of archaeologists and dinosaur discoveries is really like.

This is just one of many Make-A-Wish stories from all over the world. By working with Pivotal Perspectives, you are helping to make the wishes of children with life-threatening diseases become a reality. When you complete a survey, a donation is made to the International Make-A-Wish Foundation® .

To learn more about Carter and his story, click here: Carter’s Wish

Camila’s Wish

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Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives-Make-A-Wish® Program Coordinator

The Make-A-Wish® Foundation began in the United States in 1980. Today, the Make-A-Wish® International Foundation reaches countries and children all over the world. This amazing program helps make the wishes come true of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Pivot Point Research is proud to support this foundation, and children all over the world.

This week’s Make-A-Wish story comes from a young girl in Brazil. Nine-year-old Camila, diagnosed with malignant cerebral neoplasm, dreamed of being a real princess. She didn’t want to be just any princess though, she wanted to be a warrior princess. The Make-A-Wish team in Brazil made this dream a reality for Camila. A very special day was set up for the young girl, a day where she would feel like hero, Princess Valiente.


Camila’s dream day began with an archery class. She learned how to use a bow and arrow and hit targets. Next, Camila went to a stable where she learned to ride a horse, just a like a real warrior princess! After a special lunch filled with more surprises, Camila got to go on a carriage ride. The day was a dream come true, a day where Camila was transported to another world, far away from the one of pain and suffering that she was so used to.

There are many children just like Camila, wishing to experience their dream become a reality, if only for just one day. By taking part in one of our surveys. a donation will be made to the Make-A-Wish® International Foundation.

To read more about Camila’s story, click here: Camila’s Wish

Pivotal Perspectives and Make A Wish

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Dear Pivotal Perspectives team,

The Make-A-Wish team would like to thank you for your support. You have been a wonderful supporter to our work.

Tens of thousands of children around the globe are eligible for a wish! With your kindness, we can continue our mission of helping wish children all over the world!

Together, we are transforming the lives of Wish Children.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Elina Nesimioglu

Fundraising Database and Donor Care Manager

Make-A-Wish® International

Please Join our Pivotal Perspectives Program

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If you use technology products and services and would like to provide feedback to the ‘makers’ please consider you joining our community of software developers, IT and business professionals who these products are designed for. It’s a great way to provide feedback in a way that will be listened to and acted on and at the same time you will be rewarded and we will make donations to Make A Wish International.  Learn more HERE.

Gregory’s Wish

By Developer Research, Technology


Gregory, a 5 year old boy from Orange County, has been suffering from a brain tumor since 2014. Despite the heartache and disruption this has caused in his life, he still finds joy and happiness that all children deserve to experience in childhood. One thing that brings him a great deal of joy is farms and tractors. Gregory loves to learn about farms and watch shows about them on T.V. One of his dreams has always been to ride a tractor.

Recently, the Make-A-Wish team in the United States was able to make this dream come true for Gregory. Gregory and his family were able to spend a fun-filled day at The Original Manaserro Farms. He was treated to many special things, but the most exciting thing that he got to experience was being able to drive a tractor. Everyone involved in this wish being granted could feel the joy and happiness that Gregory felt.

Too many children like Gregory have to experience pain on a daily basis. The Make-A-Wish Foundation is able to grant wishes, like Gregory’s, and take that pain away for a little while and replace it with joy.

To learn more about Gregory’s story, click here


PJ’s Wish

By Developer Research, Technology

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Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives Program Coordinator

PJ, a young man from Canada, was granted a life-changing wish through Make-A-Wish®  Toronto & Central Ontario. PJ has battled a type of cancer called Hodgkin Lymphoma. This disease has kept him from doing the normal everyday things that a typical teenager would do, but it has not kept him from his passion for politics. PJ’s dream is to one day become the prime minister of Canada. The Make-A-Wish foundation made this dream come true sooner than PJ could have imagined.

Many people came together to plan a very special week for PJ. His trip began by being flown to Ottawa, where he was made honorary Prime Minister during the week of his wish. Throughout his stay in Ottawa, PJ had the pleasure of meeting the Prime Minister of Canada himself, Justin Trudeau and many other influential politicians. He had his own security detail and got to stay in the presidential suite at the famous hotel, Chateau Laurier.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish®  Foundation, this was a magical week for PJ and his family. PJ described the experience as his version of Disneyland.

At Pivotal Perspectives® , we are proud to support the Make-A-Wish®  International Foundation..

To read more about PJ’s story, click here: PJ’s Wish




Harry’s Wish

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Liza Womac, Pivotal Perspectives Program Coordinator

The Pivotal Perspectives program helps children with life threatening health conditions get closer to making their wish come true. There are so many wonderful stories of wishes to share, this week we would like to share a story from the Make-A-Wish Foundation® in the United Kingdom.


Meet Harry, a 15 year old from Exeter who loves to play sports, especially football. After being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer, Harry was no longer able to play his beloved sport. Harry endured seven months of chemotherapy, surgery, and intravenous immunotherapy following chemo. Harry was strong throughout the treatment, but desperately missed being able to play football. The doctors told Harry that he would not be able to play the sport, for fear of damaging the metal rod that had been put into his leg (in place of his shin).

Harry was given the chance to have a wish come true through  Make-A-Wish International Foundation® . His wish was to try out another sport that he might be able to enjoy in the future. His wish was to go cycling at the London Velodrome where the Team GB Olympians excelled in 2012. Harry and his family traveled to London where they got to stay in a hotel, go cycling, and enjoy a shopping spree. Harry was able to ride a tandem bike, then a bike all on his own. He had an amazing time as he whizzed around the track.

The wish was a gift not only to Harry, but to his family. It gave them a chance to be together and laugh together. Experiences like this is what Pivot Point Research wants to help Make-A-Wish grant more of. By participating in our surveys, you are helping to make wishes like this happen in your country and all over the world.

To read more about Harry’s Make-A-Wish story, click here: Harry’s Wish